Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rick Astley - the cure for Global Warming. 'Cause he's so cool.

Approximately 47 years ago a good friend in college repeatedly alleged that I was a dead-ringer for British pop dink, Rick Astley. Alas, male-pattern baldness and the surprising ability to afford groceries changed my celebrity-mis-sightings. Nonetheless, I am still pleased by the occasional offhand mention of my doppelganger. Case in point - the hilarious phenomenom of "Rick Rolling" wherein unsuspecting dolts are paired with Rick Astley's "timeless" vids from the 80s. If the last sentence sounds like a language you don't understand, consider yourself less burdened by mindlessness than most trolling the internets. But if you like the cut of my jib, here's the fix you need.

Rick Astley is alive. And he thinks Rick Rolling is cool. Is it just me, or did I just step into a time machine? Oh wait, it's just me.

Hope your own VH1 specials feature a special appearance by Downtown Julie Brown today. Rock on.

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