Thursday, January 15, 2009

School canceled because of a forecast? What is this? Seattle?

For those that wonder just where I went, it's back to Wisconsin. I'll be here in the deep freeze through Saturday. This morning at my parents house it was more than twenty-below-zero. Even the toughest of the old guard appear somewhat bothered by this degree of cold. The schools closed here on the threat of cold. Which shocked me. You can't really get outside much, but the warm seems even moreso and more worth lingering for a bit. I'm out in it, driving around my latest hilarious rental car. A bright yellow new VW Beetle. I should be a 20-year-old sorority pledge chair. And in the snow, the yellow's all the more warming for the locals. Every time I've driven by an ice fishing village, the outside-the-shack lingerers always give me at least one shocked arm-point with what I imagine a shout-out of "look at that thing, why doncha!" This morning I'm in the nearest town with free WiFi - Medford. At an uncommonly cool cafe` for a town this size. This place could be in almost any arty or college-friendly place - Boulder, Burlington, Eugene, Ann Arbor. Pretty big props for a town of a few thousand. Uncommon Ground (horribly usual name, but good use of "Ground" not "Grounds") - my rating A-minus.

I'll get back to more regular posting around the Inauguralpalooza when I'm back in Seattle. Hope your own defroster works today. Rock on.

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