Thursday, April 16, 2009

When's the Hot Karl protest, by the way?

With Tax Day in the rearview and Patriots Day on deck, this might be the time to offer my view of the utterly silly teabagging protests yesterday. Not that I actually saw a conservative commentator with testicles in his mouth to dissect their technique. But I digress. The whole Tea Party shtick is beyond mockable. How many people that made over $250K this past year do you think attended those varied gatherings nationwide? And how many of them do you think actually paid for a bushel or two of Lipton's (a British company to expand upon the ignorant irony) that after a few hours got tossed in a dumpster? My bet - 200. Tops. Hating taxes is as American as having come from somewhere else in the last few centuries. Acting like now is the time to finally rein in wasteful spending by tossing teabags over the fence at the White House - well, that's just plain reeks of having never read a history book.

Maya continues to be on break from her part-time daycare. Apparently, Passover warrants two weeks of closure. Where I grew up, we got more time for deer hunting season off from school than Easter. Obviously, perspective matters almost as much as denomination. Regardless, Maya and I are finishing up our hot chocolate at our local bakery before heading to the library. Lots of time for riding her newer new bike later.

Hope your own protests aren't strictly decaf today. Rock on.

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