Friday, November 20, 2009

Please pledge to the Richard Hugo House in advance of Write-O-Rama on December 5th

Some of you may know about the Richard Hugo House here in Seattle.  Some of you may know that I've done some volunteer work with them.  And some of you may have already received the following email from me this week.  For everyone else, this is an organization I believe in and I encourage you to consider pledging to support the work they do.  Regardless, thanks for taking the time to read this. I'll be back to regular posting the week after the Great TurkeySlaughter.  Rock on.
Hey y’all -

A year ago around this time, you might have heard from me regarding a non-profit writer’s center here in Seattle where I’ve done some volunteer work.  The Richard Hugo House on Capitol Hill is a mash-up of cool digs, interesting people, and open pathways available to writers of all ages.  I’ve worked with Hugo House’s program to mentor promising young writers still in high school.   But they also offer a wide gamut of classes and resources for writers of all skill levels.  Unfortunately, like so many other deserving arts-themed non-profits, they’re once again hard-pressed by the fundraising realities of the age we live in.  I, nonetheless, want to ask you on their behalf to consider a tax-deductible contribution to keep the Hugo House working for and with writers that depend upon the House’s resources to inspire and thrive.

On Saturday, December 5th, the Hugo House is having a special one-day fundraising event entitled “Write-O-Rama”.  While raising money for the ongoing operation of the House, this event offers a chance to sample classes and connect with other writers. You can check out examples of December’s Write-O-Rama class offerings on Hugo House’s website.  I’m again participating in this year’s Write-O-Rama, and collecting pledges in advance for the Hugo House.  As these gigs generally go, you pledge what you can and thereafter receive a thank-you letter full of sincere plaudits to file along with 2009 tax documents.  As in years past, the Hugo House will also provide you with a small vicarious whiff in summation of what good came from that generosity.  I’m going to offer what I hope will be a bit of a sweetener to top that off.  If you pledge any amount, I’ll forward you or anyone you benevolently convince to also pledge a full minty-fresh electronic blast of the day’s work.   I won’t even edit out all the dirty words.

Since I’m gathering pledges beginning a few weeks in advance of Write-O-Rama, I have assumed the entirely overstated role of a “laureate”.  Along with a number of other friends of the Hugo House, my bio is up on the Hugo House website.  Most importantly, that link will provide you with a direct link to donate using the “Network For Good” website set up for internet pledges.

If you decide to pledge via the internet (the easiest way to do so), please just be sure to enter “Write-O-Rama” in the “Description” field, and “Magnuson” in the “Dedication” field.  If you are uncomfortable donating via the internet, you can just email me in reply and I’ll gather a donation from you at some point in the future.  And, of course, please feel free to forward this email to anyone you think would approve of the mission of the Hugo House.  I encourage you to check out things on their website or just ask me for more justifications in reply to this humble solicitation.  I wouldn’t be doing so if I didn’t stand steadfastly in support of the Richard Hugo House.

Thanks for considering my pitch.  And otherwise, I’d like to formally offer my best wishes to Sarah Palin on her book tour.  I imagine that packing the tour bus up with enough running clothes, moose jerky and general disdain for those of us not living in “real America” will make having a rush-job book ghost-written for you look like a weekend spent leisurely hunting on Alaska’s lovely frozen lakes by helicopter.   Regardless, no pressure on the pledge, I swear.  Love and non-creepy hugs to all in advance of a hoped for Happy Thanksgiving.

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