Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Even though Randy Jackson tries so hard every week to do so...

We spent last weekend in Chicago.  It already seems like months ago.  I truly admire that city - it's one of those vertical places that just draws your gaze upward more often than not.  Included in that short trip was a full-on gorgeous Hindu wedding (bride side), with some strong Jewish themes (groom).  Mazeltov for a counterpoint to the Easter Bunny and all the sugary bunk that he brings with him.  Also included in the weekend was a long run along the stunning Lake Michigan shore, with the looming buildings of downtown beckoning us forward all the way to and around the beautiful individual draws of the larger Museum District.  Round it all out with a chance to visit the Art Institute, which I've only been through a few times. It still lives on as one of my favorite museums in the world.  The special Matisse exhibit was interesting, but I'm not a huge fan.  I was maybe more inspired by a disdainful walk around the really recent American art rooms.  Thank gawd for pretentious artists and the descriptions of their work offered up to explain, for example, a room with bad wallpaper and bags of kitty litter scattered about.  Otherwise, how could a rube really laugh with purpose at what would otherwise be impenetrable.

Back here in little ol' Seattle, I had a few larger thoughts that I want to share quickly.  First of all, "American Idol" is dead to me.  Everyone seems to be saying that the singers this time around are not that impressive.  Maybe so.  But if you really want to know what happened, I think it boils down to one person.  Adam Lambert.  He killed "Idol".  He killed it with his talent that the viewing public just couldn't handle (hell, he couldn't handle his own talent, as evidenced by what he's done since finishing as the runner-up last year).   But, more uncomfortably, Adam Lambert killed "Idol" with his gayness.  Gayness that I totally support.  I love his gayness.  It was liberating and cheesy at the same time.  And it just plain pushed the show flailing madly over the proverbial shark chomping below with the lowest of expectations for a new Carrie Underwood, or some sort of Daughtry-type tater.  The "Idol" shall intrigue this generally great land no longer.  Y'all had a good run.  Now go away.

Secondly, I am wondering why no one has come up with the sport of summer biathlon.  Seriously.  As someone who is getting a huge kick out of running regularly and who misses the Winter Olympics events that no one really cares about for 3 years and 50 weeks in a row - where is the summer version of long distance run/ski/bike/grass-dogsledding and rifle shooting?  I'd like to offer free use of the following un-trademarked event name to those persons who will begin promoting it mercilessly - "duablastathon".  Either that or "sunandfungunning".  Regardless, I'm convinced this one's a winner.

Hope your own random thoughts today also bring to light unidentified societal blindspots.  Rock on.

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