Monday, August 23, 2010

Appreciating the transition

The transition from preschool to kindergarten is the current primary topic of conversation in our household.  Maya's last hurrah at the JCC was last week, and we're very much feeling sentimental about the experience.  We even had a final picnicky evening with families, teachers and various hangers-on last Friday.  It was the sort of sweet coda we hadn't required, but are damn glad was offered.  The best part is that Maya hit the ground running even before that rug was pulled out from under her.  Mainly due to the promise of going to "big kid school" and all that entails.  And partly thanks to the promise of a weekend of car camping and hiking at Paradise in Mt. Rainier National Park.  Truth be told, we managed a fulfilling 3-mile hike with her leading the way up - the kid's got legs.  But then we failed after coming down by not having a reserved campsite or being able to find a Farmer John's meadow outside the Park to comfortably pitch a tent in.  So lesson learned - this time of year, it's idiotic to chance it.  Reserve ahead.  But you already knew that.  Or you'll be hoofin' back, stopping at McDonald's for the insanely rare foodcrack meal on the fly outside Tacoma, to pitch the tent on the deck in the darkness and rain (backyard's too slanty, apparently).  Which was awesome in it's own way.  

For the next two weeks, Maya's my apprentice for a series of projects around the homestead.  Which would be a promising thing, if the relationship was anchored by a more skilled master.  This morning, lots of hedge trimming, general landscaping and early fall how-did-we-let-this-get-so-crappy assessing of the outside situation.  Now, lunch.  Soon, to shift entirely, Maya's dance recital for the end of summer.  Ballet and tap.  If only it could be done with a rake and gardening gloves.  But I don't want to be one of those parents.  You know, the velcro ones profiled in today's NYTimes.  I prefer to think of our approach as more akin to static cling.  Who's the sock and who's the pantleg - that's the question.  We've got plenty of time to answer that later.  

Hope your own yard is also shaping up considerably today.  Rock on.

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