Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My "intent" is to name my third child Favre

For today at least, undeniably disgraced Senator Larry Craig is testing the waters of a continued perp walk in his seat. Anyone who denies that politicians parse their words as carefully as legally possible should listen to this dandy that Roll Call rolled out today. The operative word is "intent" - as in, "my intent is to weasel out of this if everyone gets distracted by the September debate over Iraq and my wife doesn't snip off a testicle." It appears Ol' Wide Lair doesn't program numbers into his cell phone. Point blank - the Dems are praying that he's stupid enough to fight for his reputation. And it appears that stupid does strike more often in one place than lightning.

At long last, Oprah is getting serious about taking over the Nation. Thank gawd. If anyone can add some luster to a surprisingly buzz-free Barack Obama, it's this American Hero. Respect the "Oprah bounce". And, no, I'm not talking to you, Tom Cruise.

The NFL will switch to a new corporate logo next year, the first change to the brand since 1980.
The NFL Season starts tomorrow night. I'm sure you've also got goosebumps by just saying that. I fully expect my Green Bay Packers to be sucking a middle teet somewhere out of the headlines aside from the magical Favre Farewell Tour sequel. Regardless, set your Tivos, call your bookies and kiss your kids goodbye for a few months worth of weekends.

Hope your own pre-season roster cuts left you with all the pieces necessary for a serious run toward the playoffs. Rock on.

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MaryRuth said...

Way to go, Eric! You are going to jinx our beloved Pack. Think positive!
Well, at least it is a good excuse to sit around on Sunday morning (or whenever) and eat donuts. (and then switch to beer and brats at halftime)