Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"And if you lived in Hawaii, does that really give you a license to critique poi?"

The Dems are certainly heating up. Everyone's taking chances with their rhetoric. All those covering the race in Iowa and beyond are struggling to not hyperventolate over what they think they've heard. But one nugget from today makes me think Hillary's feeling the heat in the kitchen more than she's used to. Namely, she attacked Obama by implying that living in Indonesia in his pre-teen years doesn't allow him to criticize current American foreign policy. Or whatever she was trying to say. Parse it yourself. I see it as a major-league dumb-ass flub on her part whatever the spin. With poll numbers headed the opposite direction of what her team expected, this might be an anecdote that nobody can spin. Or it might be bunk. It just struck me as a particularly bitchy moment.

Hope your own calls from Omaha deal almost entirely with arrival times today. Rock on.

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