Monday, November 05, 2007

Make my sauce extra-snarky, please.

Just to get it out there quick and easy - Pervez "The Perv (eternal credit to Harry Shearer)" Musharraf in Pakistan is running the funniest con-game since "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" gave us Steve Martin as Ruprecht.

Back to the point at hand - if anyone buys this State of Emergency, I've got a handful of other States in the Middle East to sell you. Atrocious. But the one moment of levity in this whole debacle is that all Pakistani lawyers appear to dress alike. Not exactly "LA Law" couture for the counselors down yonder. Some shtick aside, though - Dubya's schedulers are posing as almost vaudvillians (eternal credit to me for that linguistic construct...please). Specifically, he spoke out for the first time about the crisis with the Prime Minister of Turkey seated next to him. Who probably had a Kurd tied up in his limo. Who also got to scold Musharraf for his extra-legal abuses. Somewhere right now, on strike satirists are peeing in their pants and grinding their teeth down to the nubs.

Hope you're all still hailing the manhood of Brett Favre while snacking on some Kansas City style ribs today. Rock on.

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MaryRuth said...

Brett Favre is the M-F'n man!
Doubters can kiss my curvy yellow butt.
I wish I would have thought to have had ribs yesterday! That was inspired. We just had bean burritos (payday is today)