Thursday, December 13, 2007

Be kind, please rewind.

Almost all of today's newshole will be filled with George Mitchell's newly released report on all the closeted roidheads in Major League Baseball. Sadly, even the widely beloved Milwaukee Brewers will need to address questions, largely surrounding their otherwise beefy off-season acquisition of relief pitcher, Eric Gagne, who was identified as one of the minions of dorks using human growth hormone over the last bundle of years. What I see from the spectacle thus far is simple - even the ESPN commentators are saying that this report is largely grounded in heresay. As if Jon Kruk went to law school. I say that the public has already decided. The "Steroid Era" will taint all those who played therein, sadly. Roger Clemens is obviously the biggest fish caught in this loose net. I've perused the Mitchell Report and I suggest that all baseball fans do likewise. Heresay or not, the overall dump smells stinky.

Sure to be largely lost in today's shtick is follow-through on today's last Presidential Debate before the Iowa Caucases. This time the Dems lobbed softballs at each other. From what I've seen it was largely a yawn. But one exchange was a stunner. Barack Obama got questioned about his emphasis on "change" with a few prominent Bill Clinton Administration advisers on his staff or otherwise associated with his campaign. Hillary Clinton piped in before Obama could answer with her trademark cackle and the comment that "I'm looking forward to hearing that." Obama, who looks like he's in the zone and the much younger, stronger person in the mix, waited a perfect downbeat and responded with "Hillary, I'm looking forward to you advising me as well." The crowd roared. Hillary looked like she knew just how hard she got slammed, vaguely obscured by a time-tested political smile. Sites like the Huffington Post were immediately all over it. And slowly the drip, drip, drip of Hillary's melting support pools at the feet of her staff in Iowa, New Hampshire and beyond.

Hope your own interrogation tapes don't get returned by mistake to the vid store in that overdue "Notting Hill" case. Rock on.

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