Wednesday, December 05, 2007

What didn't Dubya know, and when didn't he know it?

Everyone's contorting the release of the Iran "National Intelligence Estimate" to meet their own needs. Obviously, we'll get no more consensus out of this than that for the college football Bowl Championship Series. But a few of my favorite rabble-rousers are focusing on what I also believe was the most shocking "admission" from Dubya's presser yesterday. Namely, his claim that he was only briefed on the NIE last week. He was told of it's formation by National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell in August. Sy Hersh reported over a year ago about this upcoming NIE. Hell, even Israeli Prime Minister Olmert was briefed on the NIE last week. Does anyone believe Dubya on this one? I'm mean, REALLY believe? If he lied yesterday, he should be held to account for it. As if. If he actually didn't know (or request to know), then I surmise he's one of two possible versions of the Dubya we all think we've seen time and time again. 1) Scandalously incurious and incompetent. Or 2) Purposely kept out of the loop. I can't bring myself to comment on which version is worse for the Nation.

Weather-wise here in the Northwest, you've all probably seen the endless aerial TV coverage of the flooding in Chehalis, Warshington where the I-5 was under 10-feet of water. I thought a different reference photo might help.
This is Maya and yours truly during a picnic break in a Chehalis park just off that flooded part of the highway in July, 2006 during our move up to Seattle from San Francisco. I think the water level in this area was up over the rooftop of the community center you can see in the background. Thankfully, we had no issues in our part of Seattle. Loads of rain, to be sure. But everyone's safe, dry and hardly even musty smelling. Or at least normalishly musty smelling.

Hope your own basements stay dry all day. Rock on.


MaryRuth said...

Glad to hear you are musty-free.
Have you ever been to "Richard's Art Yard" in Centralia? I sure hope that place is OK. The guy is a trip.

Susan said...

OMG, my aunt lives in Onalaska - I remember going to Chehalis - or was it Centralia. When I'd visit for the summer, we'd go to the 'Yard Birds' surplus store - what a kick.

Very pretty part of the world up there.