Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Also, don't talk about puppet farming."

Part of our morning routine, admittedly, includes letting Maya watch "Sesame Street" during breakfast. It's the perfect carrot and stick ("if you don't eat more Grape Nuts, I'll need to turn off the TV for a while"). And since it's on a non-TiVo TV, the threat sinks in and Maya always wants to get back to the Street. I've always loved "Sesame Street" including the vintage volumes we bought a while back that began the year I was born. The celebrity visits usually rock. But I haven't seen anything as funny in the outtake sense of that venue than when Ricky Gervais showed recently to tape a segment for next fall's 40th anniversary opener. Absolutely hilarious.

Hope your own puppets have a taste for improv today. Rock on.

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