Friday, March 27, 2009

One word - brovorce

Time to catch up on a few things. Fasten your seat belts.

Barack Obama's media onslaught over the last week. Non pareil. This dude could sell Shamwows to the Shamwow dude. Snark all you want but I give it a full on A rating.

"I Love You, Man" - we saw it last weekend on a date night. My rating - C-plus. Funny. In a sort of "don't pick on the special kid" way of being funny.

The GOP Budget roll-out of their 19-page "blueprint" of a plan yet to be drafted. No rating. Once I clean the milk out of my sinuses I may have something to say about this upchuck of hilarity.

"Important Things" by Demetri Martin on Comedy Central. Wanted to love it. Want to know what Steven Wright thinks of his entire act being stolen by a guy half his age with an entire crew at the ready. Want it to go away. Rating - C-double-minus.

Maya caught a cold and is home today from daycare. Rating - D. Seeing Maya recovering mightily and acting like the cutest kid on the planet. Rating - A. Averaged grade - a B-magic-unicorn or something.

Hope your own Friday afternoons don't include trying to explain why you haven't had prescient/funny/life-changing things to say over the past week plus. Rock on.

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