Thursday, July 23, 2009

Looking beyond Harry Potter and the Half Interested Global Audience

Another quick movie review - the latest Harry Potter movie is about as much fun as waiting for a car wash to finish its cycle. Including a wax. And some other layers of fluff that are forgotten within a few days of regular life. I've given up on this series, even though we've got two more movies to go. All those actors need to move on and pick up the pieces of their lost childhood. Emma Watson is the only young actor that makes me at least pay attention and quit looking at my watch. And she's sane enough to move on and start college at Brown in the fall. Overall, see it if you're a huge fan of the books. Then, don't discuss it in public because you're uncool and people don't like you. Maybe that's a bit harsh. Oh well. My rating - C-minus.

Music-wise, I'm listening through three new albums. Grizzly Bear's "Veckatimist" is orchestral folk with a beautiful sound, Dirty Projectors's "Bitte Orca" is layered complexity and astonishingly weird new wavey rock, and Phoenix's "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix" is a bunch of really normal seeming French dudes making extremely clever pop sound awfully easy, although it's certainly not. All three albums get a solid B-plus for very different reasons. Check them out if you've got some mad money burning a hole in your pocket.

Hope your own listening habits get a shake-up today. Rock on.

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