Saturday, July 25, 2009

Please stop me before I see something starring a poorly animated creature, such as Katherine Heigl

We're heading back to Seattle tomorrow after a full, fun week. Maya seemed to enjoy her mornings spent at sea exploration camp through the Museum of Natural History, and all the attention from family otherwise. And on my side of the ledger, I have three more movie reviews to add. I saw a grand total of six flicks in the theatre over the week, which was a grand indulgence. With that said...

My favorite movie of the summer thus far was "Moon" - a very small, very well-conceived gem that is entirely Sam Rockwell's baby. Without giving anything away, the central conceit of Sam's time on the Moon becomes apparent less than halfway into the film. From there on out, it's an even more clever thriller. The director, Duncan Jones (the real life son of David Bowie), makes $5 million look cooler than a dozen sweaty Megan Foxes dry humping another dozen bewitched or besotted Daniel Radcliffes. My rating - B-plus. Check it out, although it should be coming soon on video.

My concession to Sarah for some of crap I drag her to was my reciprocity in seeing "The Proposal". Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock could read a bundle of Sarah Palin speeches and still get a few natural laughs. Which is about what they were asked to do here. Betty White is still alive, apparently, so she also got some pity laughs. But unless you're trying to pay off a similar debt to the one you love or are looking for barely two hours worth of air conditioning relief, I'd say wait for the rental. My rating - a C-plus. I padded the rating when I realized how much Ryan Reynolds and I look like twins with our shirts off.

"Public Enemies" was the last movie on my list of try-to-sees, and I'm not entirely sad that I did so. I generally love Johnnie Depp and Michael Mann films have always been action eye candy. This movie is shot beautifully, and the clothes look good enough to spread on a cracker. The problem is the soul. Or, rather, the complete lack thereof. They even completely wasted the actual location of a famous shootout with the FBI in northern Wisconsin (the Little Bohemia near Manitowish Waters) that I'd drive by with my parents every time we went to visit my Grandma in the town of Hurley, just a bit farther north to the border with the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. In short, all style, glorious style. Bupkis on the real substance. My rating - B-minus. See it in a dollar theatre or wait for a rental.

So endeth my reviewing. I hope I've given you inspiration to spend more time reading this summer. Rock on.

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