Friday, October 30, 2009

Looking to see what's under there after all these years...

If you have kids, you're probably already sick to death of Halloween. I don't know precisely when it happened, but it has morphed from one day of silliness to an entire Mardi Gras of events. And with this year's All Hallow's Eve on a Saturday night, we're all screwed. So in the spirit of somewhat saying screw this holiday's conventional expansion, I've decided to add something of my own to this year's festivities. I will not dress up. I will dress down. In so doing, I'm going to shave off my goatee.

Some of you are probably saying, what's the big deal - it's not like you're Chuck Todd and your entire personality now seems rooted in that annoying little patch of hair on your chin. Well, in some ways you're right. But I'm also of that category of American adult white males for which the goatee is the last, sad remaining vestige of grunge in our collective wardrobe. The time has come to lose it and discontinue partying like it's 1999. Or, more accurately in my case, 1992. Back then I shifted to the goat from the full beard. Since then, I've let it go from biker gang long to trimmed within a shadow of its life. But tomorrow, before I let my 4-year-old hit the ground running wild in the neighborhood, I'm shaving. With that, I hope to renew my embrace of all things Halloweenie-ish. Expect some pics.

Hope your own facial hair configuration scares the crap out of the neighborhood kids tomorrow. Rock on.

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