Friday, December 04, 2009

A drive-by mash-up of "Carving Rushmore", Hugo House and "The Nutcracker"

One fascinating story from earlier this week not only caught my eye, it prompted me to start a new blog project.  The centerpiece is the auction going on today of Cormac McCarthy's old school manual typewriter, with the proceeds going to benefit the Santa Fe Institute.  Aside from the fascinating nature of this old-timey machine having been a writer's primary outlet for his - I'm not afraid to say it - genius, I'm able to tap into an unfocused appreciation of my own.  Manual typewriters.  Cheaper to buy than to ship via eBay.  So if you want to see where this nugget of an idea gets rolling downhill, check out my new project blog - Carving Rushmore.  

It's a big weekend on this end.  I've got an all-day event at Hugo House tomorrow.  Sunday is all about "The Nutcracker" for Maya, Sarah and me.  We're even doing a traditional high tea before the ballet, and getting all fancified for all the fun.  I'll be sure to pass along pics thereafter.  Hope your own calendar also allows ample time to plant bulbs and hang bulbs, of entirely different kinds.  Rock on.

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