Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holidaze Diversity, sponsored by Target

Like many families that I've grown to know, we're chest deep into Hanukah and closing in on Jesusmas.  It truly is a stellar time of year.  But for the first time, I'm fully aware of the commercial disparity.  No earth-shaking news there.  Let me explain.

I won't decry those that want to frill it up this time of year.  Personally, I love a Jesusmas tree.  And ours this year is outstanding.  Pun mangled.  Picking a tree out with Maya at our neighborhood lot is a new annual ritual, this year bolstered in its hilarity by her spot-on singing of Hanukah carols (who knew?) as we looked around.  I even got guilted into keeping up neighborly appearances with regard to outside lights.  In short, our place looks frosty festive even as Seattle's weather has turned from clear and cold to damp and gray.

In terms of retail, Target is a controlled riot in December.  The sheer number of aisles for wrapping paper and varied poofy accountremants alone outnumber the space set aside for "Health and Beauty" by my unscientific count.  Each and every last dollar of which is then destined to be either thrown away (can you recycle mirrored foil?) or put into storage for the next 11 months.  Still, go ahead - knock yourself out, America.  

After looking around those aisles yesterday, I asked one of the Target minions where to find the Hanukah stuff.  In plain terms she said, "downstairs, across from the 'clearance' items".  Granted, it was already the 5th of 8 Days into the Festival of Lights.  But throw our Jewish friends a bone and at least put it on the same floor, doncha think?  Well, it got worse.  The Hanukah section was actually just the end of one aisle.  The lamps aisle.  Rimshot.  It featured a few ceramic things (a Star of David cookie jar?  Really?).  A few plates, most of which were plastic.  And, I still can't figure it out, a metal basket.  Just to put in a margin notation in the NSA file of my purchases, I bought Maya a plastic dreidel-festooned cup with that fake lining filled with glitter and stars.  Made in China and not dishwasher safe.  In short, the loneliest little cup in the store.

Luckily, Maya loved it.  That combined with her Hanukah gift last night (a fortune cookie), made for a lovely 5th night.  Tonight we've got a big celebration planned.  A party at her Pre-K, complete with all the standard fare.  Including hash browns.  Love the hash browns.

Hope your own celebrations today are equally momentous.  Rock on.


Bob said...

I saw that display, too. Jillian and I had a good laugh about it. Thanks for being sensitive for the Jews. For anyone out there looking, try Tree of Life on 65th.

Ann said...

We're enjoying some Jewish-Christian seasonal hilarity around here too. Eliza is in Jewish preschool as well. Her Christian grandparents were a little baffled by her singing of "Mama's little baby loves latkes latkes" and this week she was singing "Jingle Bells oh Jingle Bells come light the menorah" to the tune of "Hanukkah oh Hanukkah". Wish we lived closer!