Friday, July 02, 2010

Bathtime/Summertime Storytelling  Even though the summertime temps haven't kicked Seattle's damp, unprepared tuchus (yet), summertime activities as they orbit around Maya are very much underway.  Soccer is key.  And her desire to properly jump rope provides an almost daily look inside her competitive mind.  But of all the new summertime activities that seem to crop up daily, none surprised me more than her desire for a daily story telling exercise.  Granted this has nothing to do with summertime in particular - hopefully, telling stories is a year-round activity.  Still, it was only a few days ago that I got assigned to do the original stories after a few weeks of Sarah pulling that duty.  It coincides with bath time, which requires a story to be told tub-side with the glare of the bathroom lights serving as an open-mike spotlight.  I've just gotten started, but I've happened upon an age-old parental epiphany.  Making up stories that your kid enjoys ROCKS.  Maybe there's a future in it.  Not that I'm looking to be Jamie Lee Curtis.  After all, I'd hate to see some small measure of success writing children's stories morph into becoming a spokesperson for dubious ass-curative yogurt.  I'm talking more about a healthy way of bonding with the youngin', and maybe recording said stories to pass along sometime and somewhere to be determined.  My first soccer-themed story was met with raves, as was Part One of the next still gestating story dealing with a magic beach.  I don't know how long I can keep up this version of the ActiveStoryteller Challenge.  But it's a new summertime development that has me feeling rather sunshiny.

Hope your holidaze celebrations include equal parts grillin' and chillin', sans illin'.  Rock on.

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