Monday, May 01, 2006

What a difference 3 years and well over 2000 dead American soldiers make

It's been 3 years to the day since Dubya swooped on an aircraft carrier purposely turned away from the nearby San Diego coastline so as to better showcase the "Mission Accomplished" banner that I, personally, hope gets permanently plastered outside Karl Rove's prison cell. 3 years, people. Worst. Ignorant. Overstatement. Ever. How frickin' ironic is it that on this inauspicious occasion Dubya came out onto the grassy expanse outside the White House for a photo op that far too prominently featured claims of great success in Iraq. I've said it before and I fear needing to say it repeatedly again - we've lost Iraq. No WMDs, a bastion of terror training, a money pit that is bottomless, no chance of expanding this crusade to a single other country in the Middle East, civil and ethnic strife that we cannot ever stifle. Much of the American populus has already moved on to heatedly discuss $3/gallon gas as if that's a massive insult to our manifest destiny. Meanwhile, over 2400 American men and women have been killed in this pre-emptive action. It's just too heartwrenching to discuss any further. That's why I want to offer a few drive-by thoughts before getting down to work.

The Brewers end April with a record of 14-11. Some tough losses but overall a seriously lovable team with a decent start. The best young infield in baseball. Ned "I've got a" Yost "Infection!" is a sportswriter's dream quote machine as their skipper. Pay attention, America. This team will rock you like Charlie Sheen's divorce filings.

Stephen Colbert went harshly off the comedic reservation on Saturday at the "White House Correspondents Dinner" where his closing shtick apparently pissed off the Decider big-time. I've watched much of what Colbert offered. You should, as well. Dubya may be entirely happy to joke about his own malapropisms and generally ignorant style of discourse. But to see someone cleverly hit him as hard as Colbert did from such close range...well, I was just astonished by Colbert's balls. I'm not a huge fan of "The Colbert Report`". I watch much of it and I still get the joke, but I think on occasion it's a horrible tightrope walk that ventures into the realm of self-parody meta-bunk at almost the turn of every phrase. If something seriously goes askew in this country (another terrorist hit, a real crisis surrounding energy, a scandal that makes Abu Gharib look like a bad summer camp), Colbert's walk will be immediately untalkable. Yet he got more shots in at Dubya than Kerry did in '04 and looked poised throughout. If this isn't a tipping point, it's at least a tipping drill that everyone should pay attention to.

The NBA Playoffs are underway. Check back in 6 weeks for the result.

Rush Limbaugh's fat again. For those of you that declined to pay attention, he lost a bunch of weight by getting horribly addicted to narcotics. Now that he's facing conviction-mandated drug testing and cannot own the firearms he allegedly covets...well, the guy's apparently drowning his sorrow in pork ribs. According to his lawyer, Roy "My Heart is Indellibly" Black, Rush has made an "exceptionally strong recovery." Goes well with the exceptionally strong drinks he now relies upon, I'm sure.

In less than 3 weeks, we're headed to Mexico for a month. Work stuff for Sarah, fun stuff for all three of us. Maya's Spanish is only slightly worse than mine, but we're working on it. Expect loads of travelogue stuff from the end of May through the majority of June. And some visual/navigational changes before then. Thanks for reading. Hope your own forecasts are sunny and long-ranging. Rock on.

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