Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Bowling for Crandon

It's so typical that it barely makes the front-pages of America anymore - a killing spree in a small town due to some sort of hothead snapping like a treebranch in a light wind. But the massacre of 6 people and the killing of the cop who murdered them over a stupid argument surely caught my attention. Because it occurred in a small town in Northern Wisconsin much like the one I grew up in. Crandon, Wisconsin. Just outside Rhinelander on Highway 8. Full of people that live to hunt and fish and snowmobile and cheer for the Packers. In the early morning hours after the Homecoming game and dance, a jilted boyfriend got insulted by an ex-girlfriend and the friends she had over for pizza and movies. He went back to his car and grabbed this gun.

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Then he killed everyone in the room except one who was critically wounded. The shooter was a 20-year-old off-duty cop. The town is devastated. And the Nation shrugs. There's a GOP debate in Michigan tonight. Do you think anyone's going to ask that field of gun nuts to comment? Me neither.

Hope your own weapons are locked not loaded today. Rock on.

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MaryRuth said...

That was sure a sad thing that happened in Crandon. What really got me scratching my head was that this cop was only 20. I would sort of think that they would need to be 21--which probably wouldn't have made a difference in this case anyway. But I guess they do things differently in rural areas.
Too many guns, too much meanness, too much despair in this world lately.
Oh yeah...its John Lennon's birthday today.
Yahoo...I'm going to Wisconsin again tomorrow. This time it is for my niece's wedding. I got my polka shoes all shined up!