Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Or about the price of a used Hummer

A few tidbits of scary news caught my eye this morning.

USA Today breaks down a Congressional Budget Office report that does the long-term estimate on the cost of the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Hold onto your hat - $2.4 Trillion. The Bushies are already calling bullshite on any mention of the report. But with the latest fiscal year request of $196 Billion for borrowed cash and the pre-war Bushie estimates of around $50 Billion TOTAL, I'm expect that two and a half TRILLION is probably nearing the actual mark. By the way, that works out to $8K for each and every American. Even the rich ones.

All the smoke over Blackwater USA's cowboy attitude is obviously indicative of lots more fire there (sorry for the unfortunate metaphor given all the scariness in Southern California). In a story that will quickly dissipate, the State Department has $4 Billion in annual contracts with them and 16 other private mercenary companies. And our people under Condi @ State have 17 people overseeing the contracts, or an average of over $230 Million per person. Sound fiscally responsible? I don't think so either.

Mitt Romney picked up a telling endorsement - Bob Jones III of the infamous Bob Jones University. So a Mormon is now palatable to the outer fringe of American evangelicals. Proving that he too is a uniter, not a divider.

Hope your own news perusing focuses mainly on the start of the World Series today. Rock on.

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