Friday, October 19, 2007

The Line

I'll start out obvious today - we live in an age ripe for political satire. Rank hypocrises fly by all of us like so many roadside billboards. Yet I've always expected that there was a dividing line. That line runs between those trying to manipulate our electoral system (the Parties' apparatchiks) and those making fun of manipulating our electoral system (everyone else). Weh-eh-eh-ell...the Florida Democratic Party crosses over that line by supporting a particularly hilarious satire site that went live today - It features YouTube clips of past compilations of her somewhat obvious crimes. It offers some of the cheesecake that makes Kat so eternally delish. But, I must admit, it goes somewhere that I don't think either Party should go. If the people running the campaigns become as snarky and cynical as the brilliance behind our Nation's best satirists, we've stepped over that line a stride too far. Judge for yourself.

Hope your own lines are uncrossed today. Rock on.

UPDATE: I just saw last night's "Colbert Report" and he used "the line" as a joke to define the silliness surrounding his fake campaign for Prezidunt. So neither of us stole it. As far as I know.

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