Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Message to the messengers: "Message matters"

This is the 1,100th post over the 3-year history of and the Family Buick. I started out wanting to feature our soon-to-arrive daughter, Maya, after past half-starts with political shtick (including Try the Kool Aid while working for Howard Dean's campaign in '04). But for those that check in occasionally, you know all too well that herein I veer into the realm of political shtick more often than not. Today's a big day for people cut from similar cloth. New Hampshire is burning white hot. Results will come in a handful of hours. The turnout appears to be huge. But I want to get out front (again) with a few resonant moments from the last 24 hours and what I entirely believe they will mean in the days and weeks ahead.

1) Hillary's tearful moment yesterday was human. Every voter in the room was surely touched. But this was her "Howard Dean in Iowa" moment. She will be mercilessly taken to ludicrous task by the merciless crowd. Fair? No. Damaging? Undeniably so.
2) Bill Clinton is an institution. However, he's gone fully off the reservation in the last handful of events. When he called Obama's campaign a "fairy tale" he just coined his latest "that depends on what the definition of 'is' is" moment.

Hang onto your hats - tonite's going to be a hoot. Hope your own change is jangling today. Rock on.

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