Friday, January 11, 2008

Throw another handful of brats on the grill, America!

The Green Bay Packers play the Seattle Seahawks tomorrow. (As if) you didn't already know. Big game. Lotsa fun. As goes the bizness of not-much-actual-newsiness around such events, I nonetheless commend both the generally lame Seattle Post-Intelligencer for a delightful profile of Mike Holmgren and the always-obsessed Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel with a fun puff piece detailing the so-called "leaders" on the Pack's especially young and talented squad. For those that know me, Eric Torkelson will always be my favorite Packer - who else ever did an autograph session at the Medford True Value Hardware store, for the love of cripes? But my now-less marginal awareness of the below pictured uber-leader, Rob Davis, is the most delicious surprise of the day. Favre will always be the brightest silver ever mined for this Torkelson lover. And I have a strict bronze medal list of beloved Packers - John Anderson, Lynn Dickey, Ed West, Paul Coffman, and Sterling Sharpe. Rob Davis is now officially added to that elite roster. Go Pack Go!

Hope y'all cover the spread while spreadin' the compliments around all weekend. Rock on.

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MaryRuth said...

who the heck is Rob Davis? Looks like a bad ass mofo with a brillo pad on his chin. Guess I;ll have to go back and read the article. I was just too excited after reading the one from MS about Brett coming back and all. Don't burn them brats! Go Pack!