Monday, January 14, 2008

Was that snow or Gawd's frozen happy tears falling in Green Bay?

It was a hugely satisfying weekend for the Green Bay Packers and fans like me the world over. The Pack spotted the Seattle Seahawks two touchdowns in the first 4 minutes. Believe me or not, but I wasn't all that worried. And then they bore down and found gold under the accumulating snow. You could run off a full roster of great performances from that team. No disrespect meant to the Seahawks. The Packers were on fire amidst the swirling storm. Just. Plain. Loved it.

And then the Dallas Cowboys got punked by the New York Giants. Never overlook a team that's won 9 of 10 games on the road - the Giants are dream-killers. I suspect next week at Lambeau will be a true test. Yet, seeing all the swirling humiliation around Texas Stadium just made the weekend all that more sweet. To be fair, I've been to one game in Dallas while we lived there back in the med school era. A college roommate of mine from Milwaukee (who was also at Lambeau Saturday) came to visit and scored tix for a Packers-Cowboys game through a family connection. I was shocked that the Cowboys fans couldn't have been nicer, even before the Pack stunk it up on their turf yet again. So my view of the Cowboys had been somewhat softened by experience. Until this Season. Seeing "Lover Boy" Romo go down in flames again brought back that good ol' cynical tang. Yummy.

Speaking of Romo, the NYPost offered the most original insult yesterday by hiring a Jessica Simpson impersonator to wander around the stadium. Karma tossed in a snarky joke with the fact that she's apparently from a Seattle suburb. And then Terrell Owens poured extra laughing gas on the gag and lit a roman candle by getting all teary-eyed after the game in defending his QB's choice of bye-week nookie getaways. Somewhere right now, Roger Clemens is probably even cracking up as he hunkers down with his lawyers.

Hope your own impersonators have nothing to work with today. Rock on.

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