Friday, July 04, 2008

"Happy Birthday America, from us bikers."

We had a fun Fourth in the 'hood. Some industrious neighbors got the kids on the block together for an impromptu parade. As you can see, Maya rode tall in the saddle. Hope your own fireworks were also homemade. Rock on.

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bobbus451 said...

Th' yungun may be hidin' under th' cloak of th' flag, but no real 'Merikan rides her pink-stained one-speed without the all'm'portant 'Merikan flag lapel pin. Hellfire, she ain't even got lapels. Kristalmitey, pink's the color'f kommies evr'where, and that transvestite what useta sang on Sunday Kinnigit Football.
Yrs in Krist,
PS--Yer kid's been pointed the 'rong deerection, or my moniker ain't Jesse "The Body" Helms.