Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Mine's on vibrate, Ted's getting the finger...

To continue the Wisconsin sports theme from yesterday (Brew Crew won last night in CC Sabathia's first start). Brett Favre. Is he indeed still retired? The jury's out. For those unaware, Brett's been playing a bit of a PR game the last handful of days testing the waters of what those of us who claim to know what's what expected all along - his retirement was premature. But the reaction from the Packers - specifically Ted Thompson, the single most tone-deaf major sport GM since George Steinbrenner got sent to Guantanomo Bay - is simply infuriating to this lifelong fan. If Brett Favre sent a text message to the Governor of Wisconsin and said he'd like to redraw the map of the State, we'd all be getting new almanacs in a week. If Brett Favre sent a text message to the Pope and said that he'd like to spitball a few ideas for a new Saint or two, the Vatican would be ordering in brats and searching for jambalaya recipes post-haste for the meet and greet. If Brett Favre...oh, you get the point. You don't just give the Heisman to one of the greatest players to ever put on the uniform because you're sipping a pinot noir with your dooshbag cousins on the Oregon Coast. Which is where I imagine Ted Thompson vacations. Stunning locale. But totally dooshy. Bring Brett back, Dooshy. If you don't, you'll be forever branded as the one person that denied Packer fans a final chance at Favreian grandiose disappointment/drama. And your house will be egged every day for what I estimate to be, oh about, the next 17 years.

Hope your own Hall of Fame legends at least merit a call back today. Rock on.


MaryRuth said...

I was hoping this scenario wouldn't happen. If Brett comes back, chances are pretty good that it will end like you say with drama and disappointment or worse...injury. If he does go to another team, the fans' anger from betrayal will be unbelievable. Wisconsinites don't like people that go back on their word. Personally, I would feel like the dumped lover who keeps running into the ex at the grocery store.

My dad called me from the Brewer game today....the fans are going crazy with all the excitement.

bobbus451 said...

Brett "Farvaro" Favre's only competition in the Biggest-Media-Whore-In-The-Yoo-Ess-And-Ayy derby is Curt "Table-for-one" Schilling...and Ann Coulter...but Coulter's Adam's Apple is larger.