Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"I mean, it's not like I can tell people to power the internets with that passing wind power."

Dubya held a presser this morning - his first since the end of April. He was his usual petulent, winking, evasive persona. Yawn. But two things stuck out for me. One, the only time he sounded like he knew what he was peddling was when he was talking about off-shore drilling for "product" and the capital expenditure required to make it all happen. Far too little is made of what a failure he was as an "oil man" - aside from Joe Conason's seminal reporting way back in the run-up to the 2000 Election. But BOY was he trying to make it seem like he knew what he was talking about in that realm today. My prediction - his ex-Preziduncy will feature a victory lap similar to what Cheney exploited at Haliburton. Secondly, his dismissal of his obvious ability to encourage Americans to reduce their energy consumption was a dismal fraud. Instead, Dubya believes Americans are "smart enough" to choose how to conserve and that they can "balance their own checkbooks". Really? REALLY? This is the country that got seduced by adjustable-rate mortgages and Hummers. Unreal. Dubya couldn't be more out of touch if he were whiling away the last year of his disasterous reign listening to Ray Price 8-tracks echo around an empty basement White House bowling alley.

For my birthday today, the National League front office appropiately chose to give Ben Sheets the starting pitcher nod. They're so sweet. The first time ever for a Milwaukee Brewer, by the way. Hope your own home field World Series advantage gets nailed down today. Rock on.


bobbus451 said...

Come next Jan 20, the American People will be quite pleased to let the Idiot Prince go back to doing what he does best: emptying his friends' parents' liquor cabinets and doing blow off of hookers' thighs (just like the Dallas Cowboys!).
The Shrub Presidency will go down in history as the one that nudged the Publicans down toward that long Whig road to oblivion. Who says the electorate never does anything right?

Jena Strong said...

Dude! Happy Birthday! We'll clink glasses in September.