Saturday, November 08, 2008

Entering a new Era, without the annoying nicknames yet with actual humor? Yes we can.

I've heard a few weird reactions to Obama's first Prez-Elect presser - he was too cautious, he was too deferential, he made fun of Nancy Reagan. But largely, the verdict is sure. He is literally the best thinker on his feet in the game, surrounded by a burgeoning crowd of admirers. I've toned done my elation regarding the events of this week mainly to see how the transition played out. That's over. Barack Obama is an icon that nonetheless feels like a regular dude. His ability to make a self-deprecating moment (how he's a "mutt" just like most "shelter dogs") feel both folksy and poetic - I just can't top him. I won't deny that we're in a full-on turdstorm with crappy newsiness forecast beyond the unlimited horizon. But I challenge every one of you - how do you think the World would be looking at us right now if we'd chosen McCain/Palin? Be careful what you wish for was my regretful mantra after Dubya won in '04. My new mantra - be honest in what you wish for.

One quick review - I chose to run against the grain on Wednesday night and finally caught Oliver Stone's "W." with a mere handful of ironic Seattlites. My rating - a squishy C. Josh Brolin has been deservedly lauded for what he did running a surprisingly short gamut. Thadie Newton does a spot on Condi Rice. Jeffrey Wright is an overly hope-y-ish Colin Powell. No one stinks. But the one oft-repeated comment that I agree with is that it feels like a first draft. Or more accurately, the most rushed picture I've ever seen. Like Stone and his screenwriter cobbled it together over a bagful of FunSize candy, a case of Ketel One and a massive pile of cocaine on somebody's brother's yacht just off the Catalina Islands over a weekend in early June. Don't rent it. See it on cable. In like two months.

Hope your own economic conferences don't include Jim Cramer anytime soon. Or ever. Rock on.

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