Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Our one Prezidunt at this time keeps his focus on the big issues

On the day Barack Obama gave his third daily presser in a row on economic recovery, what did Dubya accomplish? He saved a turkey. No, not Scooter Libby. That pardon is coming in early January. Instead, Dubya continued the annual tradition first introduced by his Poppy (true story - 1989 was the first "official" gobbler un-served). While it's not as much fun as seeing Sarah Palin gobble up airtime with inanities while a turkey went through the wood-chipper just over her shoulder, Dubya's classic shot from a few years back really gets me in the mood to tear into one of those suckers.

Hope your own turkeys are brining, not getting tossed out of a cab in suburban Chevy Chase right about now. Rock on.

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