Friday, June 05, 2009

A Friday list of stuff I'll never talk about again. Maybe.

On a recent "This American Life" (which I still adore), Ira Glass made a brilliant, humble admission. Even for those of us that too strongly believe in our own opinions and have been schooled in the dark arts (journalism), there are certain stories that you just don't follow. That came to the forefront of my mind again this morning when I realized that Radiohead is just plain old not a band I ever gave a rip about. Which I'm now going to transfer into a free writing experiment for the next few minutes. So, as follows, these things I just don't give a rip about.

1. "CSI:Wherever" or "Law and Order:Anything"
2. Anything having to do with "Jon and Kate Plus 8"
3. "The View"
4. Ethiopian food
5. Wool
6. the "Left Behind" series of books
7. Donald Trump
8. Harness racing
9. Vladimir Putin
10. Do it yourself carpentry

I hope that helps. Rock on.

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