Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Obama vs. the Press = Tyson vs. Galifianakis

Obama just finished his newser and the questions of the day were nothing if not yawn-inducing. He can just plain outflank and outthink everyone sitting in front of him in that room. Everyone knew he was going to go a bit tougher on Iran's brutality, everyone knew the health care questions would be without nuance, everyone knew someone would ask about his smoking. Here's how I'd score it - he's still walking the right line on Iran. He can talk circles around the entrenched arguments against health care reform. The remaining cluster of weak, snarky turds tossed up were swept off the dais with an impressive mental broom. And if this dude - the Leader of the Free World - can't sneak a smoke while pondering the difficult roster of things hanging in his mind, then anyone else that smokes must stop immediately. End of thread.

Maya's developed an ongoing and expanding relationship with her imaginary friend, Ella Bella. Ol' Ella Bella has done just about everything that happens to show up in any book, TV show or random conversation. Ella Bella's age is utterly fluid - everywhere from being a baby to 100 years old. Ella Bella is fearless and teaching Maya to also be so. I don't know where she initially came from or when exactly she showed up. I tend to think it's hereditary since I also had an imaginary friend when I was pre-school age, according to my Mom. Ironically, his name was George. I don't know what happened to George, but I assume he retired from the business of imaginary leadership to some sort of desolate ranchland in Texas. Just a guess.

Hope your own friends are equally sweet but slightly more tangible today. Rock on.

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