Monday, August 10, 2009

And what about Bubba rescuing those reporters? His agent really earned the commision with THAT one...

The summer has cooled off so much that you can practically smell the NFL season. And with August no longer a newsy drought, the time seems appropriate for a little taking stock of certain stories that I've not commented upon in weeks past. Hopefully this will be quick so I can back to the real work at hand.

The Birthers have no more wind in their holey sails given the totally fraudulent Kenyan birth bunk. But these wackos aren't going away. Up next I'll bet anyone a potful of poi that there will be disproportionate concentration on his childhood years in Indonesia. With the battle cry of "well, he may have been born in Hawaii, but he learned to hate America at a madrassa in Indonesia..."

I hate to say it, but Obama really dropped the ball on the health care reform debate. This is due entirely to not having a plan before asking Congress to come up with one. Town hall violence and general polling discontent aside - Obama doesn't have a horse in this race. Everyone will look for a scapegoat in the poor planning. I pick Tom Daschle for being an utterly flawed "czar" nominee that didn't even make it to a confirmation hearing before pulling out of the process.

Sarah Palin is crazier than ever, but I'm convinced that she's going to start making the media rounds in a few weeks. Her "death panel" comments on Facebook last Friday notwithstanding.

"True Blood" is a cultural phenomenon. Why? Sex. It's only going to expand its appeal. Next up - evangelical nuts attacking it as some sort of sign that, once again, we're all going to hell.

I rented the original "Inglorious Basterds" this weekend. All I can say is I would hate to watch a bad bad movie with Quentin Tarantino while he tried to convince me it was bad good. Sometimes bad is just plain bad. And this movie sucked.

There's a story in today's NYTimes about how the loss of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer strengthened the position of the one remaining daily paper, the Seattle Times. I wanted to hate that piece, but it's actually a very good dissection of what's facing two newspaper metro areas and regional papers in general. For any media geeks out there - the Philly papers story in yesterday's NYTimes mag was also a sign of things to come. The shake outs will continue, in other words.

Maya's got a pair of pink cowgirl boots that Sarah found at a consignment store when we were on vacation in Santa Barbara. She's had cool clothes before. But these boots cross over more categories of appreciation than anything she's ever worn. I could be wearing a backless hospital gown and shower cap when I'm walking down the street with her and we'd get a thumbs-up from hipster and old crusties alike. My advice, get yourself a pair if you've got kids or a pet that appreciates footwear.

Well that feels better. Hope your own backlog of random observations get made into a best-selling collection of bumperstickers today. Rock on.

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