Friday, March 26, 2010

"Do you have the audio version of these? With or without the laugh tracks."
It's been a long while since a picture on the front page of the NYTimes made me laugh.  But seeing Obama enjoying a moment holding up both Mitt Romney's and Karl Rove's latest cheese screeds at an Iowa City bookstore induced more than a few yuks this morning.  I'm sure wonky folks all across 'Merica this morning are spitting up a bit of soy latte when they catch the implied meaning of that shot.  Kudos are due for that one, BigCity PaperPeople.  Even if they do hate our freedom, they're pretty goshdarn clever.

Speaking of which, that bookstore (Prairie Lights Books) must be stoked.  Obama bought three kids books there after giving them a shout-out during his health care reform event.  Some lucky staffer surely dug doing that advance location scout.  I'm sure his whole staff was loving the campaign throwback theatrics of it all.  Obama even got to field a heckle about paying for his books with taxpayer money.  In effect, that is true.  So kudos to the heckler, as well.

Hope your own job lets you spend copious time browsing in bookstores today.  Rock on.

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