Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Orange you glad this came to light?


So after all that sturm and drang, Obama gets a health care reform bill.  Sure, the Senate still can throw some blood from the grandstands in hopes of undermining the hoopla.  But this really is a big deal.  Not even Biden can fully toss this moment under the bus with the overstatements to ill effect (even though he tried).  I'm convinced that McCain and all the haters that are throwing "repeal" around haven't really tested what they're talking.  This will hurt the Dems in the Fall, although they were bound to get spanked for looking so completely rudderless regardless of what they did on health care.  What will happen to the GOP is the big open question.  Actually, I expect them to soon begin gushing a reversal of accusations.  They'll pivot 180-degrees to say that the delay required to test many of the provisions of this legislation is too long and that they should all be rushed to market so as to shock the system.  Still, the upcoming period of debate will see many new surprises.  Anyone that claims they can predict those upcoming surprises, however, is totally full of snot.

One surprising bit of hilarity that I didn't see in all the reporting beforehand was that indoor tanning studios will see a 10% increase in taxes as early as this summer as a minor part of the bill.  How have this Nation's comedians not used that to further color John Boehner's clownish appearance?  Granted, I'd read long ago that he actually uses one of the those vanity tanning lights in his office that went out of style in 1963 - not some new-fangled tanning salon.  It matches his chosen brand of cigarettes (Boehner smokes Barclay's).  He really is the joke-writer's gift that keeps on giving.

Hope your own pursuit of the glow keeps you on the golf course rather than in a tanning bed today.  Rock on.

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