Thursday, June 10, 2010

Get fired up about "Monogamy"

Although few critics will admit it, the "job" is hackery.  Especially when it comes to movies.  I certainly include myself in this over-generalization.  Because all critics seize on small things.  And we all can be swayed by things as small as a random couple of dickheads sitting within earshot.  That's why criticism aggregation like what you see at Rotten Tomatoes serves a quantitative purpose.  But when you're talking about new movies showing at film festivals, you're out there in untracked snow.  A few misdirections or untimely distractions and the result can look like shite.  That's where I've been wading out into the massive programming schedule of SIFF.  I'm glad to be striding about, somewhat randomly.  But given all the unmitigated crap I'd been seeing, I was losing my interest in going further in that direction.

Then, I saw something I really liked.

The movie worth mentioning is "Monogamy".   The director, Dana Adam Shapiro, answered questions after last night's screening.  Dood seemed unpretentious, comfortable and a few degrees cooler than most of those spinning their wheels trying to dissect his film.  My take is pretty straight forward.  The stars are recognizable and fantastic (Chris Messina and Rashida Jones).  The supporting cast is natural and likable.  The story wants to be edgy, but it comes broadcast from far, far away like 20th Century border radio for those that knew where to turn their dials.  A jaunty version of New York jumps around the action (not really vice versa) throughout.  The take away?  It's the best thing I've seen at SIFF, so far.  Not that I've seen a ton.  Still, this movie got my swerve back on.  There is a reason to go to screenings and feel confident that I won't need to pull all my punches afterward - movies like this are lurking out there.  A movie I'll give a solid B-plus rating.

Then again, what do I know.  Or any other amateur critic, for that matter.  Enough to know that I'm psyched to work my way through a handful more screenings before SIFF runs the credits on Sunday.  Rock on.

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