Wednesday, August 20, 2008


America - I beseech you. Love this photo!

The cast of "Happy Days" showed up in Milwaukee for probably the first time ever last night after dedicating a Fonzie statue and getting their assorted prescriptions filled for free. Twice! Would've loved to have been there. Aside from the fact that the Brew Crew lost. No word whether Chachi could afford the Amtrak ticket to join the jubilation.

Hope your own next civic celebration doesn't include trying to exhume Cindy Williams and that guy who played Squiggy. Rock on.


MaryRuth said...

The statue doesn't even remotely look like him! Ah well... it is all good fun.
BTW, I went to see the BrewCrew @ Dodgers on Saturday. It was due to my amazing mind power that they won. =) I was even sporting my new "CERVECEROS" shirt.

bobbus451 said...

For all you Henry Winkler fans, check out his killer "Barry Zuckerkorn," Bluth family attorney and frequenter of dark, shady rest-stop facilities in the late, great (and soon to be resurrected on film) 'Arrested Development'.
Absolutely the Fonz' finest post-shark hour.