Friday, August 29, 2008

Insert your own "in favor of drilling" joke here

We-eh-eh-el...Sarah Palin is about to be introduced as McCain's running mate. Rawr. I don't know what the hotties see in the crusty ol' fella, but he must be doing something right. But the real point here is that all she brings to the table is strong conservative positions on abortion and gay marriage. So we've seen the general election hand being played by McCain's brains - run ANOTHER race based entirely on an extreme social agenda. Two years ago she was the part-time mayor of Wasilla, Alaska (population 5,500). She's got her own TrooperGate to start explaining time and time again. She was the runner-up Miss Alaska 1984. She has 5 kids - the oldest is in the military and heads to Iraq in September, the youngest has Down's Syndrome and is 4 months old. Her hubbie ("the First Dude" as she calls him) works for BP on Alaska's North Slope. And if elected, she will step into the role currently held by Dick Cheney. Check your disaster supplies, Nation. It could be a long, dark night coming down the pike.

Hope your own choices today are based on something other than sexy eyewear. Rock on.


Bob said...

I have been smiling all evening from this delicious revelation from Daily Kos - I only hope it's true.
Next time on Jerry Springer.

Anonymous said...