Saturday, August 09, 2008

"Sure, I heard those Rooskies invaded Georgia. I'm not too concerned since Texas sounds safe. So, you gals work out?"

Dubya's obviously having a great time checking out the action in Beijing. Yes, he's still Prezidunt. Even if he doesn't act like it. More seriously, for those that also watched the Olympic Opening Ceremonies last night I offer the review that the world has never seen a more spectacular staging on this scale. Way back in the day the now-neutered neocons wanted the World to believe in the power of "shock and awe". After living the consequent number of years of "stumble and bumble" I think we've finally seen it. Peaceful and commanding. Stunning in its newness. Built on a few millenia of history. If China were a sport, she would be football (or soccer, depending on your locale). If we were, we'd be beach volleyball. So at least Dubya chose the right venue today.

Hope your own doping isn't caught by anyone aside from your Mom today. Rock on.

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