Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Even in the best of families feel free to say - "Give me a number 2, extra napkins and a cob."

For Seattle restaurant fans, I'm pleased to pass along the news that Gordo's Burgers shack out near Shilshole Bay on Ballard's Western coast has reopened. And the rub is that it's now a Cuban sandwich shop. Namely, an offshoot of Paseo from Fremont - the best sandwiches in Seattle for about a dozen years running. Love pork? Paseo is your bliss. But the run of other things always get their props. Even tofu. The point being that Gordo's Burgers was one of the first places I got introduced to over a decade ago by a Seattle native who lived in his Mom's basement in Ballard. The burgers rocked. Ironically, I realized that Paseo was opening up there the other night when Sarah and I went out for an anniversary dinner across the street (and the class divide) at the always classic Ray's Boathouse back deck as sunset approached over the Olympic Mountains. In so many ways, Paseo and Ray's represent what's so darn tootin' about Seattle's love of food. Well-updated ethnic food that wasn't even heard of here not so long ago, and the seafaring culture of cuisine that settled this region when gold wasn't the rush everyone sought. If you're in town, head to Paseo. The new Ballard locale will give you one of the coveted cobs of corn you won't get in Fremont unless you eat in. My rating - a consistent A-minus. Largely due to crowds, which I now assume will flood the old Gordo's trailer after this report hits those pesky internets.

Speaking of this weekend's anniversary date, we saw "The Dark Knight" and I must say that I walk away from it supremely underwhelmed. My rating - a sad B-minus. Christian Bale is just weird. Heath Ledger is unhinged, but not all that surprising. I suppose I should blame it on the hype. It's certainly a good film, in relative terms especially for popcorn season. But I didn't get nearly the charge out of it that I'd expected.

Hope your own new favorite lunch spots feature equal parts hipsters and Cuban immigrants. Rock on.


bobbus451 said...

Whaaaat?!? No more Gordo's? Call the cattle patro; cause we been rustled.
I shall light a candle this evening for the death (whenever it happened) of the finest sandwiches in burgerdom...and for my clogged arteries, which even now are quaking at the mere mention of that late, famous restaurant.
Oh well, there's always steak tartare.

Heather Schimdt Ohly said...

So this may be the 2008 version of meeting on the street and having a good laugh. I did some browsing and you've put together a sweet life. Congratulations. Funny that you and I head to the same restaurant to celebrate our respective anniversaries. The world is small and full of irony.

Take care.