Saturday, December 27, 2008

The day after Christmas in Wisconsin, home safely in Seattle. Ahhhh.

For my immediate family, this Christmas was something of a split affair. Sarah had to work, Maya and I went to Wisconsin. It seems as though most of the Nation faced some sort of wintry craziness. I was lucky - we got out of Seattle before many days of snowfall gummed up air traffic. And then we got back in yesterday afternoon. I'll spare everyone the tactical details - precarious drives, Maya barfing almost on an ironic cue as we left Minnesota by car after arrival on the way to Northern Wisconsin and then as we re-entered the State on our way to the airport to leave for Seattle, more winter than even Cold Miser might have hoped for in that most demented of 1970s Holiday specials. But we made it. The most telling irony - I got stuck in the intersection half a block from our front door last night as we turned onto our street during our triumphant return. Amazingly, a trio of good Samaritans (or were they shepards?) helped me push the Volvo into the only possible curbside parking spot. It was a true Boxing Day miracle. Regardless, what follows are a handful of shots from our Wisconsin visit. Enjoy.

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