Friday, December 19, 2008

Maya got some minor league shoveling experience this week before we head back to Wisconsin.

Seattle is so screwy. All week long it was "Henny Penny, the sky is falling - have you seen the forecast?" Maya's daycare closed four of five days. Before a mandatory two-week break. For the "Jewish Community Center". Cough. But let's recap their week in response to Seattle's uncharacteristically slightly colder weather. Monday - closed due to frozen pipes (nighttime low - 29 degrees). Tuesday - normalcy. Wednesday - um, we're closed again because we watched the weather this morning (note: it started to snow in the early AM THURSDAY). Thursday - well, what do you expect since it's actually snowing a two inches. Friday - closed because it snowed yesterday and the City hasn't bought a snowplow since the Eisenhower Administration. And now we're in the break between that ridiculousness and...WHAT MAY BE THE PERFECT STORM! Or, in other words, it may snow 4 inches on Sunday. So Maya and I are throwing in the towel and heading to a much more challenging climate. Northern Wisconsin. On on the shortest days of the winter. Expect some comparative pics soon hereafter.

Hope your own flights are booked and ready to roll on clear runways. Rock on.

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Anonymous said...

As a northern transplant teaching school in Asheville, NC, I can relate to the illogical idiocy, and local media fueled hyper fear of nature in the decision-making of school leaders. In my six years here, schools have been closed on at least a half dozen occasions due to the "possibility" of some form of winter precipitation. And then when it actually DOES snow, the yokels can't plow correctly. I count the cars crashed or abandoned on the side of the highway with pleasure. Chris S.