Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bobby Jindal - more Kenneth or Kyle?

Obama did what he needed to do last night - look like he's in complete control, hit some heartstrings, lay out the fact that we're pretty damn screwed. Michelle looked fabulous as everyone is saying - if my arms looked like that I'd burn all the sleeves in the house. Everyone else postured as we surely expect when it comes to these things. But I've got a burning question and a fresh peeve to offer. Governor Bobby Jindal was horrible in offering the GOP response - we can all agree on that, I'm sure. Still, there seems to be an unusually active meme that has compared his appearance and tone to that of the actor Jack McBrayer who plays Kenneth Parcell on the sitcom "30 Rock". I can see that. But as I saw things, he's more of the spitting image of the actor DJ Qualls who played the awkward yet ascendant nerd character Kyle in the movie "Road Trip" back in 2000. Bobby's a dork, forced to act like he believes in things he doesn't even though he knows better (Rhodes Scholar, Biology degree from Brown, supposedly now in support of teaching intelligent design in Louisiana schools). Kyle played essentially the same character in "Road Trip". Kenneth brilliantly plays a rube-like NBC page from an inbred background with a starry-eyed worldview. Kyle had sex with a woman he met posing as a cooler than he was college student while mooching off an African-American fraternity. You do the math. Bobby Jindal is DJ Qualls.

Hope your own separated at birth pools are primed for action today. Rock on.

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