Thursday, February 12, 2009


If you've not yet seen it, Joaquin Phoenix was on "Late Night with David Letterman" last night. He was an inaudible delight. Completely full of drugs. Cranky. Impossible to take your eyes off of, kinda like what I imagine Jim Morrison was just before his last moments in the spotlight. Here's my unsupported theory - it was all an act. His older brother, River, was always the more talented and subtle Phoenix. But this one may rise again, too. Or probably not.

Sarah's still in Africa and Maya for the first time this morning asked when Mommy's going to be home. Sunday's pretty soon. And I'm planning a few fun distractions before then. Maya's been such a trooper. Still, I send out my best to those parents that need to do this on their own all the time.

On an utterly different level of parenting complexity, have you checked out the photos of that whackjob that had octoplets recently? Every fertility doctor in the world should be forced to use that portrait as their screen-saver. Helping people that need it to have kids is so important. But helping crazed Moms that just don't know when to stop is criminal.

Hope your own green rooms are stocked with nothing but mineral water today. Rock on.

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