Monday, February 02, 2009

A catch is a catch is a moment for the ages

Let me say straight away that I thought yesterday's Super Bowl was perfect. Both teams deserved to win. And both teams should have lost. I would love to be privy to Kurt Warner's prayers over the next few days (hint: Jesus no longer built his hotrod and he's pissed about it). The end of the game corner of the endzone catch by Santonio Holmes to give the Pittsburgh Steelers the Title was nonpareil. I hope Barack Obama was watching. That will surely put some wind in his sails as we head into the most uninteresting sports cycle of the Year. Sorry, Arizona. As much as I wanted the Cards to win, you can't argue with the zeitgeist. This was the Year the Pittsburgh Steelers were meant to inspire a Nation. Thank them for doing so.

Hope your own teams find a way to cut the crap and actually get tough on the field today. Rock on.

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