Friday, February 06, 2009

In defense of the new alleged doosh

Robert Gibbs is the new White House Press Secretary. No news in that statement. But I want to step forward and say that I think he's the smartest person to hold that job in quite a while. Dana Perino was a Barbie doll. Scott McClellan was always out of his proper depth. Ari Fleischer was the single most unwatchable prick in the history of the gig. Even the Clinton picks were mostly off the mark (although I always had a crush on Mike McCurry). Gibbs, however, seems like a guy tough as nails and able to talk on any subject as the situation merits. That's not to say that he's not taking some shots - The Daily Show was especially harsh this week and the impossible dooshiness of ABC's Jake Tapper veered into a undeserved tiff with the Gibber. The news networks are carrying his pressers live daily and it's like news crack for those with a pipe. Can you imagine being on point to answer questions in these anarchic days? Still, I see great things coming from the podium these days. Just needed to say it. Go Gibber.

For those that are unaware of our daily life, Sarah's in Africa. As a result, Maya's a social experiment that I can't quite yet gauge. We're doing loads of playdates/dinners with friends, and Maya starts another ballet class tomorrow morning. Distracting interactions rock. And we're using Skype to keep in touch across the continents. But with only the Pro Bowl scheduled as an utterly empty football snack this Sunday, we'll be doing lots of home improvement projects in the near term to fill the gap in proper parent interaction. Or maybe I'll just buy Maya a BB gun. Given how much the neighbor dogs (on BOTH sides) are yapping, I think it will be the best way to multi-task.

Hope your own press secretaries have plumped up briefing books today. Rock on.

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