Thursday, March 31, 2005

Bouncey Snoozy Chair

Maya's begun the cool new habit of falling asleep in her bouncey chair, as seen in the above photo. It has a vibrating base that I quite honestly would like to have replicated in a Daddy-sized chair. But until I can find a Sharper Image warehouse store, I'll need to occupy myself with my comfy perch facing the computer. All the better to comment on a few stories anyways.

We're certainly living in Bizarro World when the newly released Commission on Intelligence Capabilities report given to the Bushies can be spun as a good thing for Dubya. The phrase everyone's latching onto is that we were "dead wrong" in our assessment of Iraqi WMD capabilities. And we've got mostly nothing insightful or correct in the hopper on our other alleged threats world-wide. The White House is already saying they'll embrace the report. Whaaaa?!!! Hopefully John Negroponte will get questioned openly and harshly on what we've done to fix things during his Congressional confirmation hearings. But that's like hoping that the playground bully will not give you yet another atomic wedgie on the merry-go-round after doing so everyday for the last month.

Terri Schiavo just died. Looks like the pro-life juggler that God told to come to support her through his art got there too late. But with the Pope and Jerry Falwell currently dabbling with their own forms of life support, I'm sure he can find another audience to inspire soon.

Baseball starts up on Sunday, while the Final Four semis and Championship are Saturday and Monday. Hopefully it will be enough to take the Nation's mind off the so-called Social Security crisis for a few days.


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