Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Tice's Prices Ain't So Nices

We have our first pediatrician appointment today. We compiled a list of questions over dinner last night, figuring that the opportunity to ask even the most inane things has not yet presented itself. Included are standard issues like what to do about dry skin and what sort of sleep schedule is normal for a less-than-two-week old. We also have questions about "tummy time" (when you flop Maya face down on an activity mat and let her kick and get pissed off), if there should be a time limit to "swaddling" (the straight-jacketed time that seems to chill her out especially well), if camera flashes hurt her eyes, and when she's old enough to fly. In an airplane. Personally, I want to throw out a few connundrums to test our pediatrician's mettle (when is a newborn no longer a newborn, is there a time to begin combing Maya's backhair, when should we start dressing her in silly hats). But I'll do my best to remember that I'm supposed to be an adult, albeit one wearing a Ray Nitchske jersey and flip flops.

In yet another example of the pile of influence-peddling allegations against Tom Delay, the LATimes posted a story today about getting some fancy-shmancy golfing trips to Scotland from a lobbyist. I know, I know - borrrr-innnng. But this one's actually worth a looksie because the lobbyist, Jack Abramoff, is under investigation for illegal use of his business accounts and there are two other U.S. Representatives also implicated. Delay's got more dirt on him than a rodeo clown. One of these days, more than just a few pundits are gonna call on him to clean up his act.

In a story that will shock the 14 people out there who care about the Minnesota Vikings and their trevails, their Head Coach Mike Tice is under investigation by the NFL for running a ticket scalping scheme. Never liked him, probably because he's the Vikes' coach. But this little scam makes him sound to be quite the petty thug. Tice is so gone that he's probably already getting his mail forwarded.

In U.S. volcanic activity, well...there's always Mt. St. Helens. Everytime that puppy so much as farts, CNN cuts live to their flunkies on the scene. But it sure beats watching Scott McClellan blow hot air, I'll agree.


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