Wednesday, March 16, 2005

When is a Grunt Actually More of an Oink?

"She literally just oinked," Sarah just announced mid-feeding with Maya. Oinks, grunts, squawks, snarls, coos, yips and yaps - Maya's already developed quite the repetoire of silly sounds. And now that she's blown by the two week mark, she's definitely letting her voice be heard more regularly. We're sleeping. Sometimes. And breastfeeding seems only second to breathing in Maya's list of priorities. I read that after two weeks, a baby's brain grows 20% in the next ten weeks. My guess is that Maya's concentrating on the primitive speech and hunger nerve centers this week. Oh, and the poop center. Definitely expanding that part o' the ol' noggin.

So Dubya now thinks Paul Wolfowitz is the right man to provoke the most anger by nominating him to the World Bank prez upcoming vacancy? Unbelievable. Calling Wolfie a "decent, compassionate man" just doesn't make it so. And because the U.S. traditionally has made these nominations without objections from other countries also doesn't make it a done deal. Maybe. Just when you think we can't go any further in trying to piss off the World, the Bushies up the ante. How Wolfie still has a job much less merits a cushy promotion after the mess he and his cohorts made in miscasting the war in Iraq is completely beyond my comprehension.

I went looking for details on the Dept. of Homeland Security's "planning scenarios" this morning after they made a big deal of announcing a recycled list of threats. Nothing surprising there. But then I noticed that the new Deputy Secretary has just been confirmed by Congress. That Deputy? Michael Jackson. Try Googling him and see what you find.

Time to do my part in putting Maya down for a nap. Hopefully later she'll help me with my NCAA Tourney brackets. Minnesota and Vermont in the Final Four, for sure. The rest is up to her.

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